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Haspengouw, Limburg in Belgium
fruit region
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Discover beautiful Haspengouw ... all year round

Opeindestraat 94, 3720 Kortessem 

Easily accessible

Holiday home De Pluktuin is situated close to the centre of Kortessem in Belgian Limburg.

It is only 5 minutes away from the E313/A13 junction and within an hour’s travel of Antwerp and Brussels.

And you can also visit other cities in the vicinity of our holiday home:

Hasselt: 10 km

Tongeren: 12 km

Sint-Truiden: 18 km

Maastricht (NL): 28 km

In the tourist heart of Limburg

Kortessem is a charming municipality which is part of the Haspengouw fruit-growing region and is also known as ‘the gate to Haspengouw’.

Our holiday home is situated in Haspengouw, right by cycle junction 121, so you can easily explore the fruit-growing region by bike while enjoying the stunning landscape, imposing castles and abundance of fruit trees.

Or you could visit the bigger cities of Hasselt, Tongeren, Sint-Truiden and Maastricht in the area, which are all easily accessible from here.

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Limburg, Haspengouw: surprisingly versatile

Stunning hills, historic castles, impressive orchards, picturesque villages ... Haspengouw has it all. And, our holiday home De Pluktuin is situated right in the middle of this splendour!

There are plenty of ways to explore Haspengouw for active sightseers, with cycling and walking particularly popular in this region. Along the way, you can take in the rolling landscape, charming parishes and amazing orchards. With over 600 km of car-free routes, you can enjoy the region’s rich natural beauty and interesting sights and attractions to the full.

More of a culture vulture and history buff? You are spoilt for choice here with a wide range of historic sights and attractions, including castles, citadels, marl caves, monuments and much more. Not to mention all the wonderful cities in the area you can visit. Think of Tongeren (oldest city in Belgium), Sint-Truiden (city with the highest number of monuments in Limburg) and Bilzen (home of Alden Biesen, one of the biggest castle estates in Europe).

The Haspengouw region is the biggest fruit-growing region of Western Europe. In spring (usually in April), the landscape is transformed into one vast sea of blossoms, a phenomenon that attracts quite a lot of visitors every year. You can take part in blossom festivals, visit fruit growers and auctions, and walk and cycle along colourful routes. Visiting after the trees have finished flowering? In the autumn, too, this region is a treat for the senses, with apples, berries and cherries ripe for the picking.

Holiday home De Pluktuin, where every holiday is an experience

A bike ride in the beautiful Haspengouw, dining in our cosy home, a trip to Maastricht, moving in the garden, enjoying our meadow flower ... There is an endless choice of things you can do in and around our holiday home to make your holiday an unforgettable experience.

We want to offer our guests a vacation in an inspirational and colourful setting, where experiences, movement and being together take center stage.

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Come and enjoy holiday home de Pluktuin

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