wow's from holiday home De Pluktuin


In holiday home De Pluktuin you can do more than just sleep. Apart from he outdoor gym and petanque piste in the garden, we want to offer you some additional experiences that will make you go WOW.

They can be creative, sporty, fun, tasty, or relaxing.

If you try one (or some) of these activities, we would love to hear your experiences. We appreciate all tips to make this page grow and grow ...

Pluktuin bike route

Do you like being active and love riding a bike?

Then you can try one of the many biking routes available in Limburg. A cultural and culinary experience combined with stunning views.


approved by Haspengouw by bike

Experience Limburg differently

Would you like to go on an original trip in Limburg?

LimDiscovery explores fun, unique and authentic activities, so you can experience the hospitality and versatility that Limburg has to offer.


provided by Karin Limneos from LimDiscovery

Tourist attractions with a guide

Would you like to visit some popular attractions in our province, like C-mine (Genk), the castle of Alden Biesen (Bilzen) and the wine castle Genoels-Elderen (Riemst)? Take a tour with Ann who brings all these sites to live with a touch of humour.


provided by Ann Valvekens

Hygge tour

An original tour through Maastricht with the hygge experience in mind. Curious? Geert will guide you in this unique activity.


provided by Geert Goffin of gast-vrij

Scraffito Pottery workshop

Interested in working with your hands? Go for the Scraffito Pottery workshop by Pots for Food! You will make your own cups in your personal style, which makes for a unique souvenir.


provided by Pots for Food

Culinary tea experience

Savoury and sweet snacks, scones and tea in a vintage atmoshpere, that's what you geet with a High Tea at Home. A special party during your holiday, without all the stress and dishes afterwards!


provided by High Tea at Home

Musical story

Do you like being surprised by a mix of poetry and music? Book a performance of the musical story WIJ ZIJN BREEKBAAR ('We are vulnerable') by Koen Snyers and Sarah Vaesen. Writer and performer Koen honours the vulnerability in life with a story that lies between poetry and prose. Sarah Vaesen adds music, song and word to the story.


provided by Koen Snyers & Sarah Vaesen (KAAI collectief)

Sauna package

In the private sauna Purevy you can relax away from all the bustle. In a wellness oasis you are immersed in relaxation and luxury. After a few hours you will be ready to get on with the rest of your day.


provided by private sauna Purevy

Creative workshop with natural materials

During your stay in holiday home De Pluktuin we will gather materials straight from nature to work with. At the end of the workshop you will have a unique flower arrangement with natural materials to take home. (in Dutch only)


provided by Jocelyne Vangeel of De Pluktuin

Creative get-togehter

Come and enjoy a weekend full of relaxation and creative fun with your friends. In this creative get-together you will work on making beautiful flower arrangements while being inspired by the interesting demonstrations. (only in Dutch)


provided by Jocelyne Vangeel of De Pluktuin

Come and experience holiday home De Pluktuin

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any more questions before booking your stay.